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  • CineMax Productions was established over a decade ago by Filmmakers Yoram Ivry and David Noy. The company has since focused both on the production of Documentary and Drama films, while launching a commercial line as well.
    Working with all major Television stations and Film Foundations in Israel, our films have been screened at film festivals and venues all around the world.
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    King of Borek - at DocAviv 2018 | ''King of Borek'' was selected for DocAviv 2018. The film,, produced for Channel 13 - Reshet Tv with assistance from the New Foundation for Cinema & TV, shall have it's world premiere on May 18th.
    ''Shadows'' to premiere at IDFA 2017! | ''Shadows'' the new documentary by Noa Aharoni, shall premiere Internationally at the IDFA Film Festival in November (16th-22nd), The Film was produced for Channel 8, and is also is backed by the NFCT Film Fund. Meet us in Amsterdam!
    ''Divine Daycare'' premieres at Solidarity | ''Divine Daycare'' premiered at the Solidarity Human-Rights Film Festival in Tel-Aviv, recieving rave reviews.
    ''Shadows'' Awarded Best Film by Documetary Forum 2017! | ''Shadows'' was awarded the 2017 best mid-length documentary film by the Israeli Documentary Forum, at the anual award gala in Tel-Aviv
    ''Who Murdered the Pleasure Girl?'' to Yes-Docu! | Yes Docu picked uo Tamar Yaroms new documentary film ''Who Murdered the Pleasure Girl?''! Pre production is under way.
    Shadows at FIPA | Shadows wil have it's French premiere in Biaritz at FIPA, screenings on Jan 24th-27th with the Director in attendance!
    ''Retirement Party'' chosen for DocoLab at DocAviv. | Assaf Ehrenreichs ''Retirement party'' shall be part of DocoLab - the new rough-cut Lab at DocAviv Film Festival 2017.
    Mifal HaPais Culture Council supports ''Divine Daycare'' | The Mifal HaPais Council for the Culture and Arts has joined the Gesher Multi-Cultural Film Fund in chosing Roni Geffen's debut documentary ''Divine Daycare'' for funding.
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