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  • The Zilber & Me

  • Roy Zilber has always felt he was under the "family spell":
    emotionally detached and musically obsessive, he felt awkward being the estranged son of a rock-star.
    But Ariel Zilber was not just your typical drugs-sex-rock'n'roller.
    Coming from an iconic musical family, he revolutionized Israeli music with his offbeat melodies and eccentric behavior. And while his music career took off, his personal and family life plunged into turmoil. As things began to change,
    Ariel began to search for meaning in his life.
    Though the rift between them was always vast, it got more complicated when Ariel decided to become Ultra-Orthodox, supporting the messiah movement and right wing politics...
    Determined to break the family spell, Roy began to confront his father and film their relationship, while researching his family's pathology. Their efforts lead to the only common ground they share: Music.
  • Credits

  • Dir: Roy Zilber
    Producers: David Noy, Yoram Ivry
    Script: Roy Zilber & David Noy
    Cinematography: Yoram Ivry & Roy Zilber
    Editor: Eyal Tsarfati
    Music: Ariel Zilber

    Produced for Yes Docu
    With the assistance of Project Cinema - The Rabinovitch Art Foundation
  • Festivals

  • Jerusalem Film Festival 2011
    ISRAFEST - Israeli Film Festival Los Angeles/ Miami
    Israel Film Festival - Paris
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