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  • Saving uncle Jacob

  • Uncle Jacob has a fatal lung disease, but smokes 3 packs a day... Sivan (the director), Jacob’s nephew, a heavy smoker himself, recruits the family to help save Jacob’s life, and his own..A sense of self destruction accompanies the family until often it seems it’s in their genes - When Sivan was 12, his father committed suicide after many years of manic depression.
    Throughout the film, Uncle Jacob and Sivan try (and fail) to quit smoking together and individually, with the aid of every possible method; pills, workshops, hypnosis… Two years into filming - Jacob is hospitalized, in a coma. But a few weeks later - Uncle Jacob makes a miraculous comeback, and vows to treasure life. He says now he will initiate a family workshop - the final attempt at quitting as a family. At his hospital bed, nobody will refuse…
  • Credits

  • Director: Sivan Stavi
    Producer: David Noy

    Produced for Yes Docu
    with CBC Canada
    and the Gesher Multi-Cultural Film Fund
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