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  • ARLECCHINO Behind the Masks

  • The documentary film “ARLECCHINO – Behind the Masks” deals with identity through masks. The film presents 3 characters, each of which has a different, individual presence of masks in their life story. The film slowly unveils the masks from the characters, as they reveal what lies within. Yoram Binur is a journalist who covers the West Bank for Channel 2 News, and who spent 6 months living as a young Palestinian. Salim Dao is a well known, talented Arab-Israeli actor, who specializes in masks. Dr. Amir Zelikovsky is a plastic surgeon and sculptor. The film slowly unveils the masks from the characters, as they reveal the most influential elements of their own identities.
    Together they form a fascinating collage of Israeli reality.
  • Credits

  • Director & Screenwriter - David Noy
    Producers - Yoram Ivry, David Noy , Ilan Moskovitz- Cinemax Productions
    Cinematography - Yoram Ivry
    Editor - Joelle Alexis & Avi Levy
    Music - Yair Dallal

    With Development and Production Funding from     
    "The New Israeli Foundation for Cinema & TV"                        
    Premiered on Yes - Israeli Movie Channel

  • Festivals

  • Premiered in Documentary Competition of the Haiffa International Film Festival
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  • Film page at New Israeli Foundation for Cinema & TV

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