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  • Shadows

    Shadows   Documentary, 2017, 52 min, Hebrew and Hungarian, Hebrew & English subtitles

    Stepping out of the taboo shadows, 2nd generation children of Holocaust survivors open up about their suffering

    THE KING OF BÖREK   Documentary, 2018, 74 min.

    The film follows the rise and fall of the Alkolombris - a proud family of Bulgarian bakers that immigrated to the newborn state of Israel, introducing their famous Bourekas pastry.
  • Divine Daycare

    Divine Daycare   Documentary, Israel, 2018, 52 min

    One molotov cocktail sets fire to an African refugee kindergarden in Tel-Aviv, changing the lifes of many...
  • Saving uncle Jacob

    Saving uncle Jacob   Documentary, 2015, 70 min, Hebrew,

    Uncle Jacob has a fatal lung disease, but smokes 3 packs a day... Sivan (the director), Jacob’s nephew, a heavy smoker himself, recruits the family to help save Jacob’s life, and his own...
  • Dirty Laundry

    Dirty Laundry   Documentary, 52 min., 2012

    An intimate self-portrait of a young woman, who files a civil lawsuit against her father who was imprisoned for sexually abusing her.
  • The Zilber & Me

    The Zilber & Me   Documentary, 52 min., 2011

    A musical documentary following the relationship of director Roy Zilber with his father - famous Israeli ex-rock star now Rabbi - Ariel Zilber.
  • Better late

    Better late   Documentary, 65 min., 2015

    Itzik struggles to keep his children after becoming a father late in life.
  • Breaking The Ice

    Breaking The Ice   Documentary, HD, 51 min., 2010

    Agression and violence have always been part of life in the Middle-East, but Ice hockey in Israel?...
  • Daddy's Girls

    Daddy's Girls   Documentary-2009 53/49 min

    One acrobatic man tries to juggle four loving women, without dropping himself
  • BackLight!

    BackLight!   Documentary, 52 min., 2014

    Three men work as stagehands behind the scenes, but dream of moving into the limelights of the center stage.
  • Fine Tuning

    Fine Tuning   Documentary, 2010

    The burning story of the Andalusian Orchestra
  • Family Matters

    Family Matters   Documentary, 58 min., 2004

    2 men, 1 woman & a baby... Drama, here we come!
  • Let There Be light

    Let There Be light   Documentary, 52 min, 2007

    After Chassidic singer Meni Phillip lost his religion, half his brothers followed his footsteps. ''Let there be Light'' presents a rare viewpoint of an orthodox family torn apart.
  • What Now?

    What Now?   Mockumentary (Drama), 50 min., Super 16mm, 1998-9

    a True Fiction film, this Mock-Doc follows the intriguing story of a tour guide named Israel who at 50 is going through a mid-life crisis...
  • ARLECCHINO Behind the Masks

    ARLECCHINO Behind the Masks   Documentary, 54 min., 2000

    An actor, an undercover journalist, and a plastic surgeon all deal with the power of masks in their lives.
  • Peach


    The paths of an aging supermarket cashier and an unemployed dysfunctional thief cross, during a robbery of a wedding gown parlour. From that moment on, thier lives are set on collision course!..
  • Escapeland

    Escapeland   Documentary, 49 min., 2008

    Eshel is from a Kibutznik from northern Israel, Adel is a Sudanese refugee residing in Eygptian Sinai. The must overcome many obstacles on the path to love and reunion.
  • Platforms + Contacts

    Platforms + Contacts   2 x Shorts

    2 Short comic-drama films
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