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In Production

  • Shadows

    Shadows   Documentary, 52q70 min., Israel 2016

    Stepping out of the taboo shadows, 2nd generation children of Holocaust survivors open up about the Their suffering
  • Better late than never

    Better late than never   Documentary, 70/ 52 min., 2014

    Itzik struggles to keep his children after becoming a father late in life.
  • Saving uncle Jacob

    Saving uncle Jacob   Documentary, 70/ 52 min., 2014

    Uncle Jacob has a fatal lung disease, but smokes 3 packs a day... Sivan (the director), Jacob’s nephew, a heavy smoker himself, recruits the family to help save Jacob’s life, and his own...
  • BackLight!

    BackLight!   Documentary, 52 min., 2014

    Three men work as stagehands behind the scenes, but dream of moving into the limelights of the center stage.
  • Divine Daycare

    Divine Daycare   Documentary, 52 min.

    One molotov cocktail sets fire to an African refugee kindergarden in Tel-Aviv, changing the lifes of many...
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